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RMT Performance

HKS Universal Ground Earth Cable 5-Point Earthing Wire Performance Kit

HKS Universal Ground Earth Cable 5-Point Earthing Wire Performance Kit

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HKS Universal Grounding Earth Strap Ground Wire 5-Point Car Earthing Wire Kit

: Enhance Fuel Efficiency, Boost Torque & Response, Stabilize Idling, and Improve Engine Kick Over.

Color Options: Blue / Purple / Red - Explore our other available colors.

Includes: 4pcs and accessories

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Electrical Conductivity: Establish direct ground paths for improved electrical conductivity, optimizing the flow of electricity.

  • Optimized Engine Performance: Stable voltage, reduced electrical noise, and improved throttle response for smoother idling and quicker engine kick over.

  • Extended Lifespan of Electrical Components: Reduce strain on electronic parts, potentially extending their lifespan.

  • Easy Installation: Complete with a fixing kit for straightforward installation, ensuring user-friendly setup.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Universally compatible design for various vehicle models.

  • Customizable Aesthetics: Available in Blue, Purple, and Red for a stylish under-the-hood customization.

  • Quick Shipping and Customer Confidence: Fast shipping with positive seller feedback for a reliable purchase.

HKS Earth Grounding Kit:

  • 5 Point Ground Leads
  • Complete with fixing kit as shown in pictures.
  • Shipping: Well-packaged and sent the next working day on a next-day service.

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