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This item is currently not available for direct purchase. It requires a lot of consultation because there are customisation options, vehicle-specific differences or additional dependencies. It is therefore needed to fill out the form below and a consultant will then contact you for all further details.

Wavetrac gear type limited slip differentials (LSD's) are a 'fit and forget' solution to improving your cars traction by reducing wheelspin. This makes them highly beneficial in tuned vehicles which struggle to put the power down to the road. Wavetrac are unique in that they are the only gear type differential to not lose drive in wheel lift situations making them ideal for track use.

  • Fit and forget with no servicing or special oils required
  • Direct replacement for OEM open type differentials
  • Vastly improves traction during acceleration and hard cornering
  • Transmits power to the wheel with most grip even in wheel lift situations
  • Suitable for road or track use
  • Built using high strength 9310 steel gears and ARP fasteners for maximum reliability

Why do you need a limited slip differential.?
Standard (open) differentials are not really designed with performance in mind. We have all experienced wheelspin when accelerating particularly in wet conditions. This is because the standard differential transmits the power through the path of least resistance, in this case the wheel with least grip. Wavetrac limited slip differentials work differently as they transmit power to the wheel with the most grip massively reducing wheelspin and allowing you to maximise the power from your engine. If you have spent £££ increasing the power of your engine, then wouldn't it make sense to get as much as that power down to the road as possible? Well a Wavetrac differential allows you to go just that.

What sets Wavetrac apart from the rest.?
With other brands of gear type differentials if you lift a wheel while cornering then they will NOT transmit power to the other wheel, resulting in wheel spin and loss of momentum. Wavetrac differentials are different and WILL transmit drive to the wheel with grip in a wheel lift situation. This is a major benefit if you use your car on the track as wheel lift on tight corners occurs more often than you may think.

  • Bolt on Solution
  • Expert installation needed
  • Performs well for drag racing and street use
  • Maximum traction and less wheel spin
  • Includes  bearings and seals
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